7th Mashiko Competition, 2008. Two Flowerpots, Judges Special Award,
Catalogue text by Judge Takauchi, Shûgô, ceramic artist:

Jorgen Hansen’s Two Flowerpots: These stunning pieces took me by surprise. Here is a primordial model for pottery, which makes me feel that any further argument is pointless. But actually this work confronts us once again with the issues that need to be argued and discussed. Mr Faulkner chose this work for his Judge’s Award, and I suspect that, in choosing it, he has made a certain statement, like the artist himself, concerning the current situation in contemporary ceramics.

The 29th Choza Award Contemporary Ceramic Biennial Exhibition, 2009, Tokoname. The work 'Night' actually had a longer title: Night in the Pinewood, but someeone told me that it would be difficult for the Japanese to understand... The night in the pinewood is being in the middle of the world with dim light and the shadows of the trees. Nothing is missing.

Foto: Kirsten Niijkamp
To Urtepotter, Diameter 60cm: Foto: Kirsten Niijkamp

To Urtepotter, Sortbrændt Rødler